Hi, I’m Stella.
I am an artist and contemporary photographer made in Rome in 1989 and assembled between Milan, Paris, London and Taipei.
Part-time adult working as a full-time artist in Rome. Rest of my time is spent in deep thoughts or making troubles.
After graduating in Management of the Cultural Institutions, I joined the editorial team of Flash Art magazine, and then assisted and curated the Prague Biennale before moving to Paris and London where I got a Master degree in Management, Marketing and Creativity. The following years I lived in Taipei first and then back to Milan were I kept on working amongst various art galleries, auction houses, and art magazines, while expressing my creative vision through theatre and photography.
Since 2019, I work as a freelance photographer focusing my research on personal projects.
The world through my lens is nonsense and absurd, but it’s that kind of absurdity that is funny and sad at the same moment.  It shows that what appears to be utter nonsense is an inseparable part of someone’s everyday life.
My research is about personal identity, intuitions, absences and sensations. The photos are characterized by multiple elements in dialogue with each other, such as the atmosphere, the colors and everything that is not visible to the eye.
Say hello to stellalaurenzi@gmail.com
Let’s chat and talk about cats, or else. 
Personal Exhibitions
2022 Sagra Tropicale, Circolo Canottieri Reggio Emilia, Reggio Emilia
Collettive Exhibitions
2022 Materia Dorata, Oratorio dei Bianchi, Palermo
2021 HIC, z2o Sara Zanin, Rome
2020 It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Exibart x Milano Art Guide
2020 Ex Machina, Ex Convento del Carmine, Scicli
2019 Il Triangolo Sì, Atelier Bevilaqua La Masa, Venice
2022 Premio Max Spreafico, Circuito OFF Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia
Residencies & Talks
2021 Efestiadi, Lipari
2019 Hide the Camera, FSF, WPS Photography, Rome
2021 A Deep Sea, Lipari
2020 L’Entourage del Reportage, Decamerette (online)
2020 Bad Taste, Yogurt Magazine
2020 Port Magazine, n.2