Sagra Tropicale

My dear

Last winter

I discovered that there was an electric oasis in me

In the midst of tears

I discovered that there were in me

beach and saints

In the midst of chaos

I discovered that there were in me

lagoon and watermelon

Eventually, I understood

that in the middle of winter

there was in me

a Sagra Tropicale.

And that makes me happy.

Sagra Tropicale is a burst of embarrassed joy, a harmless but disjointed gesture for which we immediately apologize. A patronal feast of the profane, of the timidly inappropriate, a gentle exception.

Stella Laurenzi, with a disinterested approach to storytelling and reportage, does justice to that sultry jolt that at times arises, inadequate and radiant.

Award Max Spreafico, Circuito OFF Fotografia Europea 2022, Reggio Emilia

Curated by Giordano Devincenzi

Circolo Canottieri Reggio Emilia, Reggio Emilia

April 29th – June 12th 2022